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Empowering Chinese Canadian Enterprises

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A Collaborative Seminar

by RBC, Audi, Telus, and Lark

In the dynamic arena of entrepreneurship, Chinese Canadian enterprises stand as pillars of economic growth in Canada. Recognizing this, industry leaders RBC, Audi, Telus, and Lark came together to organize a seminar aimed at fortifying and fostering innovation within this vital sector.

400+ Participating Business Owners

1,000,000+Total Impressions

The seminar delved into essential topics, including fund support mechanisms, overcoming entrepreneurial hurdles, leveraging technology, and building sustainable growth strategies. These discussions, led by experts, provided attendees with actionable insights tailored to address the diverse needs of both seasoned and aspiring entrepreneurs.


By facilitating knowledge exchange and networking, the seminar served as a catalyst for empowerment within the Chinese Canadian business community. Equipped with practical tools and a strengthened support network, participants emerged ready to navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship with confidence and resilience.

Upon its conclusion, the seminar left a lasting impact, paving the way for continued collaboration and collective empowerment. With fresh insights and strengthened connections, Chinese Canadian entrepreneurs are now ready to capitalize on opportunities and enrich Canada's vibrant business scene. This collaborative effort between RBC, Audi, Telus, and Lark reaffirms their dedication to nurturing entrepreneurship and promoting diversity within Canada's business community. 

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